For 25 years our EXPRESSLY YOURS family has had a wild and wonderful roller coaster ride of a lifetime. That’s when our dinnerware designing and hand crafting all began…

EXPRESSLY YOURS is a family owned business just outside of Denver, Colorado. It includes Terry (the mom) and Michele (the daughter); Sloan (the son) joined the family business in 2018. There is also Jeni (the painter), who isn’t actually family but we think of her that way; and Sugar and Jack, our in house entertainers and sewing assistants (studio cats).

And, of course, there is Lumpy (the snowman).

Lumpy the Snowman really is what got us into this whole snowy situation. But, my goodness, how Lumpy has changed! From just a little bitty guy with a smattering of snowflakes back in the early nineties to the King of our World with masterful, wonderful huge fluffy flakes of late. Lumpy is the mainstay of Expressly Yours. He graces homes and tabletops from New England to San Diego; Alaska to Florida and almost all states in between. He’s even been known to take flight to collections in Germany, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland and this year Iceland (how appropriate!). He does get around!

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Snowman pottery, ceramics and so much more.

With that said, Snowman dishes are not our only game in town. Please enjoy your visit of these pages and view not only Snoware™ with Snowmen, the birdhouses and wildflowers of Birdhaus; for Halloween we have our terribly frightening black cat Boo-Kitty and his pumpkin buddies; our beautiful Colorado blue spruce and evergreen trees of Treeline; And Americana with its stars and stripes and patriotic sayings.

Visit often; you never know what new surprises might pop up from time to time to join Expressly Yours’ little family.


Expressly Yours. is proud to bring you dinnerware designed with whimsy in mind. But don’t despair! Just because it can be taken lightly it doesn’t mean that it isn’t sturdy and resilient.

All of our Pottery is made of durable ceramic earthenware or stoneware food safe materials of the most stringent FDA standards. Each piece is handcrafted and handpainted. You may wash your pieces in the dishwasher – some pieces with more fragile tips will do better hand-washed. You may use your pieces in the microwave. You may bake with your pieces in the oven; please keep in mind that pieces should be pre-heated with the oven . . . do not place in a hot oven to start but do add a bit of extra baking time and do not place a very hot dish on a very cold counter (it is not meant to go from freezer to oven under any circumstance).

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Most importantly, all of your pieces should be enjoyed
and used as often as you wish!

Expressly Yours offers dinnerware in all shapes and forms . . . plates and platters; cake pedestals and pie plates; tea pots and snowman shaped trays; and bowls…bowls…bowls… of all shapes and sizes; If you need an array of serving pieces, place settings, or a single mug to sip cocoa from, we have what you’ll want to set a wonderful, whimsical table for two or buffet for one hundred.

Many see Expressly Yours as a collectible for which we are thankful.
Moms have started daughters with just one piece that has grown into a complete collection. Bridal registries help to begin new traditions for newlyweds. Husbands seek out that special piece for a special surprise. Whether it be a gift or a gift for you, please enjoy your Expressly Yours as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.



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